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Since 1995, we have been serving in our total 2000 m² Repair Center in Istanbul Bakırköy and Izmir.


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Unpainted Dent Repair

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Mini Damage Repair

Mini repairs in your car with 1-2 hours of work return to the original image .

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----------About Us-------

Since 1995 to today

In France, since the year 1995, I acquired the experience of the profession of dent repair without painting and carried out repair work without painting in France and in the European countries.
As Celiodent in France, we donated dr.Gocuk to Turkey.
Since the big hailstorm in Istanbul in 2017, in partnership with Anadolu Sigorta it is the first center of an approved PDR / DSP insurance in Turkey on the European side of Istanbul, we also provide our services to other partnership insurance and major car rental companies, as well as authorized dealers and the services of various well-known major automobile brands.
We provide services in our workshops in Istanbul and Izmir on a total area of ​​2000 m² with the equipment we have developed for the complete repair of damage, mini-repairs and door-to-door operations.
PDR saves time and repairs are short. The traditional repair sanding, putty paint loses the origin of your vehicle and a disadvantage for sale.
Our technicians experts in PDR / DSP repair, we train new technicians who wish to learn this profession.
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Your vehicle lose value.

Unpainted dent or a full correction with the value of your car drops.
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The vehicle 16 is located in the region e1,e2,E3, CM, mini repair, Aluminum, local paint or paint you can provide all the entries in the form of the fairing where you can get and instant price calculation system.

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Chef cut or your technicians as you wish,, you can authorize the user with the system, your employees will be able to provide only Management in the authority you gave.

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Your employees have made in the processes view, and is done at the end of the month until you can keep track of premium payments. Overall also offers the opportunity to receive financial reports on a monthly basis.

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